Revealing the Detailed Information about HCG and Its Relation with Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders go to any aspect to attain a high fitness level. The use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is pretty popular amongst the bodybuilders. Now this hormone is popularly known as the HCG. The HCG plays quite a crucial role in maintaining the muscle mass during the steroid cycle and after the steroid cycle. Most bodybuilders are inclined to improve their performance, and they feel that Testosterone can be a crucial muscle builder. Usually, the bodybuilders can a get a muscle build-up of about 10 to 30 lbs. in just a month’s time with the Testosterone injections. However, injecting synthetic Testosterone has its own set of side effects as well, and this is where the role of HCG proves to be quite useful.

How HCG Works

When the synthetic Testosterone is injected into the body, then it sends a signal to the testes to stop working on an immediate basis. The reason is that the body is achieving sufficient Testosterone through the injections, and there is no need for Testosterone production by the testes. When the natural production of Testosterone is made to shut down, then the body only tends to remember the gains it made during the Testosterone injection cycle. What happens is that when the bodybuilder comes out of his steroid cycle, it takes the testes about a month to the achieve peak of normal Testosterone production.

This means that the gains the body makes through the steroid cycle will tend to get shredded away because it simply takes too long for the testes to come back to their normal function. Now if the bodybuilder uses HCG during the steroid cycle, then the testes will be able to produce normal Testosterone, and it will not take the Testes about a month to come back to their normal function. The best part is that the gains of the steroid cycle will remain intact as well.


How HCG is used

The HCG injection is given into the muscle or the skin. It is always better not to self-inject HCG injection if a person does not have the relevant knowledge. The disposable needle that is used for injecting HCG should be only used once. After the use, the needle needs to be thrown in a puncture-proof container. HCG is available in two main forms. One can either opt for pre-filled injections. The other option is the powder form of HCG. The powder form of HCG separately needs to be mixed with a liquid. The mixture needed to be drawn in a syringe and injected into the body of the bodybuilder.

The instruction on the packaging needs to be followed in this regard, and the proper ratios have to be applied if HCG injection is being prepared from the powder form.

Side Effects That Can Occur

Now when a bodybuilder decides to use HCG he needs to be aware of the possible side effects of HCG. Some people may suffer from an allergic reaction. Some people might experience swelling in the hands or legs. It is always better to consult a physician immediately if an HCG overdose has occurred by accident.

When any bodybuilder decides to use HCG, then the first step is to develop a sound insight about the benefits and repercussions of use. Secondly, HCG should only be used after getting the health evaluated by a physician and HCG should be used in consultation with medical specialists.