HCG Dietary Supplement for Bodybuilders

Dietary supplements are an important part of your HCG diet because supplementation will help you to improve your overall health. HCG diet for a bodybuilder is based on four phases, such as cleansing phase, 500-calorie strict diet phase, stabilization stage, and maintenance stage. The basic goal of initial preparatory or cleansing phase is to remove toxins from your body and avoid pre-packaged foods. It is important to drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your body. Some supplements, such as coconut oil, yerba mate tea, probiotics, apple cider vinegar and natural laxatives are used to remove toxins from your body.

Cleanse Your Body

During gorging phase, you have to consume as much fatty food items as possible. Make sure to drink almost 64 ounces of water in a day. You can increase consumption of carbohydrates and oil consumption during the initial phase. In the second phase, you have to quit everything and strictly follow 500-calorie diet. You can use senna and psyllium hush to avoid constipation and aspirin to relieve a headache. Try to use a high-quality supplement, but avoid using sugars, oils and starches. You may experience fatigue and weakness during this phase, but you can get the advantage of supplements to treat this issue. There are a few minerals that can help you, such as magnesium and potassium. These are essential to regulate the level of hydration in your body.

Essential Minerals and Vitamins


Essential minerals are important to regulate the level of hydration in your body. Potassium is essential for the human body to build protein, control nerve activity and control PH levels in your body.

Magnesium in your body will regulate the level of glucose and produce energy. Vitamin supplements are especially important during the second phase. These vitamins will help you to form red blood cells.

Vitamin A, C, and D plays an essential role in your body because Vitamin A can enhance the benefits of the HCG diet with its anti-oxidant properties. You can maintain the liver during this period because it will break all extra toxins from your body.

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant to secure your body from infections and improve the health of bones and connective tissues. Vitamin D is essential for muscles, nerve and immune system. Egg yolks, liver, and fish are important sources of vitamins D. Vitamin E is another antioxidant, and it is found in green vegetables. Vitamin K will control blood coagulation because without proper coagulation, you may not be able to control your blood, even from a minor cut.

In short, you should include sufficient minerals and vitamins in your body. Some deficiency will be removed within 30 to 45 days. It is essential to increase your intake of natural fruits and vegetables to avoid any health problem and deficiency.


It is necessary to include exercise in your routine to build good muscle mass. You can include walking, yoga, bicycling, lawn mowing, CrossFit, sprinting and heavy weight training. Make sure to start with a low-intensity workout, move to medium intensity and finally focus on the high-intensity workout.

Best Practice for the Treatment of Testosterone

Testosterone treatment can profoundly affect the physical, mental and emotional health of a man. This treatment should be performed correctly because incorrect treatment can reduce the quality of life and has lots of side-effects. Doctors develop best practice in hypogonadism treatment, and they use it as a hormone replacement therapy.

Treatment Trifecta


This treatment includes HCG, Testosterone, and Arimidex. It should be done accurately; otherwise, it will be a tough ride for you. Excessive quantity of drugs may increase the quantity of your main metabolite (estrogen). High estrogen may counteract various benefits of TRT and it may increase the symptoms of low testosterone. Higher estrogen is associated with water retention, impotence, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, and depression.

Arimidex Reduces Estrogen Levels

As a solution, medication is used to reduce estrogens, such as Arimidex or Aromasin. It is related to the class of medications known as aromatase inhibitors that can block the conversion of testosterone and estrogen. It may force the “high-level of testosterone’s output” to maintain the “high-level of estrogen.” Once your estrogen and testosterone levels are matched, you can stop taking medications because an excessive use can cause shrinking testicles that are associated with the fertility problems.

HCG Injections

HCG comes in the form of injections and drops. It is helpful to prevent the side effects of steroids, testicle shrinkage and infertility during treatment. Your testicles may shrink because the body is under the misguided notion. Androgen can be supplied from the external source, and your balls may get a signal that it is sufficient now. Small testicles may also suffer from cosmetic problems because the wrong use of HCG may increase the size of testicles.Read more about this on ResearchPeptides

On the other hand, it can also increase the adrenal function and has numerous positive effects on libido, well-being and increase energy.

Right Dose for Testosterone Treatment for Men

  • 25 mg Arimidex is required, every third day
  • 500IU HCG after three days
  • 50mg Testosterone cypionate and enanthate, after three days

You can take all medications on the same day, and many doctors prescribe this dose to use for a longer period. You should consider the life of testosterone in mind and avoid the fluctuations of its effects. Medication may take some time to metabolize the original dose.

T Levels and Ideal Hormone for Optimal Health

  • Free Testosterone 250 to 300 pg/ml
  • Actual Testosterone 800 to 1,000 ng/dl
  • SHBG 10 to 30 nmol/l
  • Estradiol 20 to 30 pg/ml
  • DHT 60 to 70 ng/dl
  • DHEA-S: 300 ug/dl
  • Prolactin: 2 to 3 ng/ml

It is essential to adjust your medications as per your needs because hormones have different effects on your health. You should consider the symptoms and consult your doctor before using any medication. You should consider the healthy range of testosterone, and you can get the advantage of 100 mg injections after seven days and 25 mg after 14 days. Your treatment may continue for one to two weeks, one month or even more. It will improve your health, but you should follow prescriptions of doctor to avoid any problem in your treatment.

How HCG Restores the Testosterone Levels of Bodybuilders?

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a peptic hormone in the body than LH (luteinizing hormone). LH can stimulate the testes to secrete testosterone, and it is secreted by the pituitary to mimic this hormone and increase testosterone production. It is a part of anabolic steroids, and it is often used as a prevention tool of testicular dysfunction. It helps you to reactivate the testicles after laying dormant for years.

If an anabolic steroid dieter is looking to bring back the natural production of androgenic hormone or testosterone, it is recommended to use HCG. It is used in combination with steroid cycle or after starting the testes. There is no over the counter product to substitute its use instead aromatase inhibitors and estrogen receptor modulators.

Case Study for HCG

According to a study conducted researchpeptides.com, a bodybuilder using anabolic steroids without HCG often experiences varicose vein in the scrotum, erectile dysfunction, lethargy, low sex drive, sore nipples and scant body hair. The subject was using Sustanon, Stanozolol (Winstrol) and Nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin).

The level of LH and FSH was almost zero that showed that the pituitary gland was not functioning correctly. The bodybuilder was not ready for quick anabolic steroids; therefore, the doctors advised him to take Sustanon 250 for almost two weeks. This was helpful to reduce testosterone symptoms, such as lethargy, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.

After fifteen months, the bodybuilder had decided to stop androgens and anabolic steroids. This was the reason to reduce the testosterone level. In the absence of a synthetic form of testosterone replacement, such as oral testosterone, androgen, gels, creams, and injections, the pituitary-gonadal axis was predictable.

His testosterone level falls from 14.0 to 8.5 nanomol/I. To stimulate the testicular function, this bodybuilder was treated with HCG injections for almost three months. He was given 10.000 units I.M. for one month, 5.000 units for one month and 2500 units for one month. After one week, the libido was greatly improved, and the doctor noticed spontaneous nocturnal ejaculations.

Conclusion: His potency and serum testosterone levels returned to normal within three months of this treatment. These injections really work, but their action was temporary. It is essential for bodybuilders to use HCG to bring it back to a normal level because after discontinuing these injections, the endogenous testosterone levels automatically fall below its actual level. HCG directly addresses the testes instead of controlling the center of hormone control or hypothalamus. The SERMs are implemented after the use of steroid, and a solid PCT protocol will contain HCG and SERMs to address both testicles and hormonal responses.

To Wrap Up

HCG can be used along with steroids to enhance its benefits. If you are using HCG drugs and injections, it is essential to focus on your diet and include natural fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can reduce weight by increasing metabolic rate and build healthy muscle for a strong body. Make sure to follow the instructions given by doctor before using HCG drugs.

Revealing the Detailed Information about HCG and Its Relation with Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders go to any aspect to attain a high fitness level. The use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is pretty popular amongst the bodybuilders. Now this hormone is popularly known as the HCG. The HCG plays quite a crucial role in maintaining the muscle mass during the steroid cycle and after the steroid cycle. Most bodybuilders are inclined to improve their performance, and they feel that Testosterone can be a crucial muscle builder. Usually, the bodybuilders can a get a muscle build-up of about 10 to 30 lbs. in just a month’s time with the Testosterone injections. However, injecting synthetic Testosterone has its own set of side effects as well, and this is where the role of HCG proves to be quite useful.

How HCG Works

When the synthetic Testosterone is injected into the body, then it sends a signal to the testes to stop working on an immediate basis. The reason is that the body is achieving sufficient Testosterone through the injections, and there is no need for Testosterone production by the testes. When the natural production of Testosterone is made to shut down, then the body only tends to remember the gains it made during the Testosterone injection cycle. What happens is that when the bodybuilder comes out of his steroid cycle, it takes the testes about a month to the achieve peak of normal Testosterone production.

This means that the gains the body makes through the steroid cycle will tend to get shredded away because it simply takes too long for the testes to come back to their normal function. Now if the bodybuilder uses HCG during the steroid cycle, then the testes will be able to produce normal Testosterone, and it will not take the Testes about a month to come back to their normal function. The best part is that the gains of the steroid cycle will remain intact as well.


How HCG is used

The HCG injection is given into the muscle or the skin. It is always better not to self-inject HCG injection if a person does not have the relevant knowledge. The disposable needle that is used for injecting HCG should be only used once. After the use, the needle needs to be thrown in a puncture-proof container. HCG is available in two main forms. One can either opt for pre-filled injections. The other option is the powder form of HCG. The powder form of HCG separately needs to be mixed with a liquid. The mixture needed to be drawn in a syringe and injected into the body of the bodybuilder.

The instruction on the packaging needs to be followed in this regard, and the proper ratios have to be applied if HCG injection is being prepared from the powder form.

Side Effects That Can Occur

Now when a bodybuilder decides to use HCG he needs to be aware of the possible side effects of HCG. Some people may suffer from an allergic reaction. Some people might experience swelling in the hands or legs. It is always better to consult a physician immediately if an HCG overdose has occurred by accident.

When any bodybuilder decides to use HCG, then the first step is to develop a sound insight about the benefits and repercussions of use. Secondly, HCG should only be used after getting the health evaluated by a physician and HCG should be used in consultation with medical specialists.